totchiai (totchiai) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Sold, thanks!

-I have positive feedback under this name on the loligothdbs
-Buyers in the US take priority
-Prices do not include shipping please ask me for a quote
-I am not accepting trades at the moment
-If you have any questions I will do my best to answer them!

Bodyline Pink Music OP
This is a size 2L that I ordered from bodyline a couple months ago. I have worn it only once for a few hours.

Proof Picture:
Flat Mesurments: Bust:36in-40in Max
Waist:34in- can probably strech a few inches but also go a lot smaller with waist ties
Length of skirt portion:19in

F+F Skirt
I bought this off the comm sales a while ago but it doesn't fit me so I have never worn it. I think the previous owner never wore it as well. The fabric is quite thick and heavy so this could be good for winter.

Proof Picture:
Waist: 31-34in

Tags: !ds, bodyline, fanplusfriend

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