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GO: 1st Round HMHM & Infanta Orders Are Open Now!

- HMHM items please see here. All HMHM items can make custom sizes, and all custom sizes will not be charged with extra money.

- Infanta items please see here, bags in here. Items have been marked if they cannot do custom sizes. And custom sizes will not be charged with extra money as well.
Update: Infanta Emperor and Nightingale Coat can be made to custom sizing if there are 4-5 orders for it. Current orders for it: 1. I can have this coat be made to custom sizing now!

- Accessories in here(still kinda irrelevant right now >.<)

The orders will be closed on 00:00(UTC) 23/Dec/2009, and payment must be made before that.
Estimated delivery time: Infanta items - in 15-20 days, HMHM items - in 20-25 days. If you purchased from both of them, I will have them combined.

You can either contact me from the website or leave a msg in here if you have any questions and I will reply shortly.
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