(◕㉨◕) Princess Bambi♥ (cocoholocaust) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
(◕㉨◕) Princess Bambi♥

WTB♥BtSSB FriendUsakumya bonnet in mint and socks ♥

I am looking to buy a new or gently used specimen of Baby's Friend Usakumya bonnet (in mint) and socks (in white) ~ I have the JSK on the way but missed out on everything else Dx

I'd prefer to use PayPal and hope to pay about retail, 120$ for the bonnet and 25 for the socks, but feel free to offer for a bit more ♥

Also, this is my first post. Anywhere.
Please inform me and excuse me if I do anything wrong > ^< ;;
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