aliceinloliland (aliceinloliland) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Montreal, BTSSB, Japanese GLB, etc.

My sales (sorry the pics are so small, please click for detail!<3) I ship from PA, U.S.
Prices do not include shipping or paypal fees, but I will try to keep them as low as possible.^^ PP instant transfers are free!♥

Btssb Detachable Collar, $25

Btssb Black Socks $17

Montreal Black RH Cork Boots 26cm, $50

Montreal White RH Cork Boots, 25.5cm, $50
(Worn 2 times, there are a couple small scuffs on the inside, not noticeable when worn.)

GLB Vol. 10, Mint, including patterns and posters. $15
This GLB has a lot of the good original brands, including Arachnophobia.

Pink jsk with detachable bow S, SOLD

Red Satin Ruffle Ero/Punk Corset S, $15

Pink Lace Princess Corset L, $10

Handmade skirt S, $10

White mary janes, LL $13

Betsey Johnson Dot Bow purse,$35

Cute plastic bows, $1/pr.
Colors: Blue, Pink, Mint, Purple, Yellow, Orange, White
Tags: baby the stars shine bright, handmade, montreal

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