christine (airpwane) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Rose Chocolat RHS, KKJJ Petti, Forever21 Red Heart Bag

*Paypal only. Please, no e-checks.
*Sorry, no trades or holds at this time.
*If payment is not received within one day of the invoice, the item will go to the next buyer.
*I live in the US.
*Also, be warned that I live in a house with a pet.

Rose Chocolat RHS in White Size M - $80 + shipping

Worn a few times by myself. Size M (7-8 US size)

Kirakirajenjen Petticoat - $30 + shipping SOLD

Used a few times by myself. VERY full petti! Has a draw string, so it fits a wide range of sizes.

Forever21 Red Heart Shaped Purse - $20 + shipping SOLD

Used once by myself.

Feel free to ask questions! Also, check out my other sales:
Tags: !ds, rose chocolat
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