little_circe (little_circe) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Gothic and some dark-sweet

I prefer buying in USD
I will pay via Paypal or if you're spanish bank transfer
I request that you have proof of ownership and positive feedback.
I've positive feedback on the loligoth database and on ebay here:

I have some extra money right now and I want to give myself a xmas gift
I'm searching for gothic or classic brands like Moitié, Miho Matsuda, Atelier Boz, Innocent World Atelier Pierrot and Alice and the Pirates. But I like sweet in dark colours too (ETC, Meta, Baby...)

It seems that some users have problems with the link of my wishlist so I changed the link, the new link (I hope nobody have problems with it now):
Some things that doesn't appear in the list but I'm interested too:
Baby Paris windows print black jsk or skirt
Baby Sleeping Beauty jsk or skirt in black
Baby Trick or treat jsk or skirt in black
Meta apple print in blackxpink
Any Moitié print or black plain dress
IW dollhouse print in black

You can offer things that aren't in my wishlist but please only BLACK jsks, ops or skirts.
Tags: !wtb

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