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DS: Hand made head bows and head dresses

Hi there!
I'm selling some handmade head things!

I'm selling from the US. I accept Paypal and money orders.
I have feedback on the database as a buyer, mainly, and I have sold once before.
I have cats, but I assure you that you'll recieve your items cat funk free XD

All prices include shipping!

First up, a hand sewn Pirate Hat with a matching eyepatch!
Pirate hat with matching eyepatch
you can also wear the back as the front!
The hat is $35, the eyepatch is $15, but for both it's $40.

Next is a Pink hair bow
Pink, pearl, crystal, chain bow
this bow is $15.

A Velveteen AP replica head eater bow
This bow is $45.

And lastly, a Biscuit/Cookie box
Up close detail:
Removable brooch:
Biscuit box is $40.

I can also recreate any cake or food item you'd like!
I love working with felt~
Here are a few examples of my work:
-AP christmas cake:
-Blueberry Pancakes:
-Gothic cake:

Thank you for looking~!
Tags: !ds, handmade

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