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DS: pattern books and handmade skirt

**Shipping and Paypal fees will be extra.

Japanese pattern books☆

→Shipping is $7~$10 for each book/magazine depending on your location.
→All of the books are in good conditions, with some scratches or dent at the edges, but nothing like rips or water damage.

Gosurori vol.11 (bottom right)
The patterns are carefully instrcuted with full illustrations. Patterns include Alice styled one piece, blouse, sailor dress, Wa-loli dress, cat ear sweater, and much more. The pattern is not attached to the book but it is unused and will be included.

Living Pochee vol.1 (top left)
Natural-kei style clothes, including everything from one-piece to bags. The instructions are easily understandable with illustrations, just like the Gosurori pattern book. The pattern is not attach to the book but it is unused and will be included.

Handmade skirt☆

Length: 55cm
The waist is 72cm when it's not stretched, and 126cm when it's at it's max.

A skirt that I made with Shirley Temple fabric and heart shape cotton lace. The finish seam edges inside are a bit messy, but it will not affect wear of the skirt at all. (I can provide a picture if needed)

Since there are small imperfections to the skirt, so I'm not sure how much I should price it. Please make offers to the skirt if you're interested. (For reference, $35 is the cost of the materials)

Shipping will be $15 for everywhere in the world. (only USA and Canada would have tracking)

If you have a question, please don't hesitate to ask me, I will gladly answer it.

That's all~ Hope you can find something you like^^

Tags: !ds, handmade, shirley temple

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