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DS: Anna House, Offbrand, Metamorphose

- Paypal only please
- I have 100% positive feedback on the loligoth database as well as my journal.
- Shipping is not included
- I am not responsible for lost packages without tracking (you'd have to pay the additional cost for tracking)
- Open to trades but would prefer to sell it
- Please note that although I tried to take the measurements carefully, I'm not a professional
- I don't usually do this, but if there's more than one offer I'll have to take the highest one
- If you have any questions, just ask!

Black x White Headbow

Another picture

Lovely Anna House headbow in black x white, like new (used twice)

Price: $14

Off-white Aristocrat Blouse

Detail of sleeve

Picture of back

I bought this shirt for a friend but I ended up not seeing her again, so it has never been worn. It has little rows of frills at the front and corset-like effect at the back, which allows the waist size to be ajusted (the jabot is not included).

Bust (measurement taken flat): 22 inches
Waist (measurement taken flat): corsetting at the back allows between 14.6 inches and 20.9 inches

Price: $25 $20 $16

Click here for a Metamorphose Gothic Velveteen Jsk + Matching Headdress (includes shipping)!

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