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DS! AP Strawberry Ribbon OP, Btssb Creeping Ribbon Ring, Mint Shoes

-Shipping from California, Prices in USD.
-Price include shipping with USPS the US. (please inquire for international)
-Not responsible for lost or damaged package from transit, but I will pack everything carefully.
-Paypal Only
-Here is my feedback.
-I do not charge PP fees
If two people want the same item, I will take the higher offer
-Questions, feel free to ask! : )
-Offers and trades allowed!~

Angelic Pretty Strawberry Ribbon OP SOLD

Additional Photos:
waist ties
back, shirring
close-shot of top

It is in great condition! Worn about 3 times. No visible damage, though the waist ties are a bit wrinkly but can easily be ironed flat. I'm looking for the extra fabric swatch and extra button and if I can find them, I will include those.
Asking Price: $210 200 shipping with tracking included.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Creeping Ribbon Ring SOLD
close-up of the ring:

comes in its original box

comes with cleaning cloth

This is essentially new. I bought it yesterday on impulse but soon after I realized that I should have saved the money for Christmas presents for my family. :/ I wore it briefly after buying it, but its still in the same condition I bought it- new. I just want close to what I bought it for, even though I'm still taking a loss.

free gift with purchase

Asking Price:
$107 shipping with tracking included.

Mint/Pastel Green Shoes

additional photos:
most apparent damage,
light black streak
bottom of shoes
side view
in one shoe
in the other

I wore these shoes 2-3 times, they're still in good condition (aside from the light black streak shown in the photo and the wrinkle parts on the inner side of the straps that aren't visible on the outer side/green side). The reason I'm selling them is because they are too small. I have a different shoe of the same size and I fell down the stairs because they were too small. x__x These are size 36. I bought them from One Day in Paradise while I was in Australia.

Asking Price: $25 shipping included.

Please help me acquire money to buy presents for my family? ^_^;
Thank you for your interest, have a great day!
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