milky_d (milky_d) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Milk one-piece/coat-plaid

I just received this yesterday in the mail from closet child and I am very sad that it is too small for me at the bust (i am about 35" so 34" or less would be good)!! WAH!! I paid 68,000 yen for it plus shipping which ended up being about $20. so i ended up paying about $80. for it. It's super cute. I guess you would call it a "coat dress". its not heavy enough to be a coat but could be used in warmer months as a lite coat. anyway i would like to get what I paid for it. Thanks. -Milky
ps, for feedback my ebay user id is Yumi_bubbly.

pps, here is the one-piece:

Size: 肩幅:約38cm Shoulder length: 38 cm
身幅:約44cm身幅: approximately 44 cm
ウエスト:約68cm West: Approximately 68 cm
着丈:約88cm着丈: approximately 88 cm
袖丈:約56cm Sleeve length: about 56 cm
襟幅:約5cm Lapels: approximately 5 cm
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