Jackie M (mujitsukyo) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Jackie M

DS/DT: LOTS...btssb, montreal and offbrand, everything so nicely priced!!!!

stuff ya gotta know:
toronto, you live in tdot you can pick em up at bathurst station.
Shipping: Via Canada post, your choice with or without insurance.
Offers: yes i'll take them, i don't have any problems with offers ^_^
Paypal: i only take it, and fees are 3.5% for canada, and 4.5% everywhere else
Feedback: all positive on my journal and on lolidbs
Priority: goes to whom can pay first and full price, than to north american buyers, than to people offering less (trades depending on what it is)
trade: must be on my wishlist, but you can offer something else prolly dont want it..
CLEAN!!! everything i sell i promise to be clean, therefore i send things to the dry cleaners before i hand it to u. because of this please allow up to week for me to ship it out ^_^ unless it's shoes.. lol those things dont really needa be washed at the dry cleaners

on to the sales!!

BTSSB Tartan check ribbon shirring princess
jumper skirt II

sold to femaleclaws

Baby Black Babydoll:

ASKING: sold to [info]sexypantscoco 

DIRTY CHEAP:(cuz i can, and i dont wear it)

Chinese lolita shoes:

sold to (azndragonkeeper

gothic style boots:

sold to (azndragonkeeper

Montreal black boots:

size 23.5, can fit one size up or down no problem, like new, nothing major on them, need a new set of laces. i can provide em for an extra 5 dollars or take it as is for asking price.

asking: 40 +shipping

glp sweater:
has polyester lace, but its not stratchy its soft. fits anywehre between 32-40bust no problem, could go bigger but it will be short on u. nice and warm, haven't worn it in like 2-3 years..

asking: 12usd plus shipping

 gonna have a lot more dirt cheap stuff, on my journal, including offbrand lolita, stuffed animals and manga and figures in a couple days check back on that one

if you have anymore questions please feel free to ask, thank you for looking ^_^
Tags: !ds, !dt, baby the stars shine bright, montreal, offbrand
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