Shin (shincaru) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Classic and elegant black skirt

So I recently nabbed a new job, and am looking for understated pieces to use as work uniform, as otherwise I'll look too much like an airline stewardess, tee.

I am looking for black, clean-cut, no shirring, preferably high-waisted skirts. Minor edge lace and ruffles okay, but think of it as management lolita - it's gotta be versatile!

Unfortunately I can't have anything wooly or velvety - it has to be a form of cotton blend/broadcloth or something that looks like it. Hence I'm looking for stuff on-par or close to brand quality (e.g. seamstress work), since it's a workplace that won't tolerate visibly wrinkly or skimpy-looking material.

A couple examples for styling:

I have a 25" waist, so anything bigger needs to be able to be cinched smaller without looking baggy. I can get away with a bouyant skirt, but not a scrunchy hem. :)

Thanks ahead of time!
Tags: !wtb

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