Amanda Tea (bunniea) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Amanda Tea

DS:Innocent World dress,Offbrand blouse,bloomers WTB: Socks

 Hi There! I take paypal. I have feedback under bunnie on the dbs
If youre interested in an item please let me know  your zipcode and if you would like priority or first-class  shipping.

Innocent World Dress++
This dress has some of the most beautiful lace detail ive seen. The reason I'm selling is because of my weight and it really doesnt fit..
My dress form here has  a waist of 24 and a bust of 35 if that gives a better idea.

 proof of ownership photo(without a petticoat)

 stock photo

Please make an offer of under $100.There are no stains but Id still like to have this dry cleaned before sending it out if you dont mind the extra day or so of wait.Please let me know if you dont want it dry cleaned.

Offbrand blouse with bow++

Bust:35 inches max
Bought from here off the comm and have only worn it once
I love the detail but dont have anything to go with it
the color is more off-white
(its been dry cleaned)
$17 shipped

Metamorphose Bloomers++
I'm also selling these bloomers from my lucky pack . They have never been worn


Light Blue and White striped Socks
Black socks with some kind of white print on the sides
Tags: innocent world, metamorphose

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