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DS/DT: Meta, AP, BtSSB, Bodyline

**I have feedback on and on ebay under the name matcha_pop
**I don't charge paypal fees!
**I reserve the right to not take CC paypal from users with new/empty journals or no feedback. Also, I'll only ship to verified addresses.
**I can't be responsible for the package once it leaves my hands. I do my best to package everything very well but please purchase insurance if you're worried your item might be lost/damaged.
**All US packages will be shipped with free delivery confirmation. For Canada/international tracking is not available on first class packages, therefore, all items over $50 will be shipped priority mail international.
**I have cats. They're not allowed in the room where I keep my lolita clothes but I figure I'd let potential buyers know, just in case.
**Measurements are amateur measurements; figured by laying flat and doubling the measurement.

**Whoever fills out the form first gets it!


Direct Sale


Meta Pink Cutsew

Proof of ownership

Brand new with tags, never even tried on.

Meta's measurements: length 51 cm (20.0 in), bust 88 cm (34.6 in), sleeve length 59 cm (23.2 in).
This is the measurement of the garment itself, unstretched. The cutsew is stretchy, and should be able to accommodate a few more inches.

Price: $40 + shipping
US Shipping - $4.95
Canada - $5.25 (first class). For priority/insurance, ask.
International - $11 (first class). For priority/insurance, ask.


Angelic Pretty Melody Lesson Bag


Genuine Angelic Pretty, not one of the many replicas floating around of this style. I bought this used and never had a chance to use it myself. Its in perfect condition; I looked all over and couldn't find any flaws.

Price: $70 + shipping
US: $9.47
Canada: $22.50 (priority)
International: $33 (priority)


Bodyline House Bag
Proof of ownership

Used once, like new. Includes both the long cross-body strap and the shorter strap.

Price: $35 + shipping
US: $8.10
Canada: $8.93 (first class). For priority/insurance, ask.
International: $17.64 (first class). For priority/insurance, ask.


Metamorphose Red Tartan School Set

Jacket Close UP
Worn example from Meta. Obviously, mine is the red tartan version.

New with tags, only tried on for a minute. Set includes both the jacket and the skirt. Jacket has real pockets and two spare buttons.

Measurements: (from Meta)
Jacket - length 53cm (20.8 in), bust 96.5 cm (37.9 in), waist 80 cm (31.4 in), sleeve length 58 cm (22.8 in), shoulder length 38 cm (14.9 in)
Skirt - length 53cm (20.8in), waist 63 - 92cm (24.8 - 36.2in)

Price: $140 + shipping
US: $10.60
Canada: $22.50 (priority)
International: $33.00(priority)



Baby the Stars Shine Bright Bunny-ear Bolero

I think the original owner only wore this once, never by me. No flaws or stains.

I want to trade for another brand bolero, cardigan or cutsew. I'm willing to look at other things though as long as its brand.
Trade pending.
Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, metamorphose

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