insidegenius (insidegenius) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS Angelic Pretty Blue Twinkle Mermaid jsk, poodle tote

I have feedback under insidegenius on loligoth_dbs and I have over 100 positive feedback on ebay under kangaroofriday.

I will ship out the dress priority mail within the U.S. with insurance.

Angelic Pretty Rare Twinkle Mermaid blue jsk- $400.00 shipped with insurance

I've worn this twice, it is an amazing dress, but I really need the money right now. The only thing wrong with it is there is a bit of pink eye shadow I couldn't get out that got on the under side of the bow....
You can't ever see it and it may come out with harsher cleaning methods other than oxyclean, I am not lowering the price because of it.

I am not looking for trades right now.
I will not accept payment in increments, must pay in full.

35" long, bust can go up to 39" waist is 24 to about 33"



back of dress-


more print-

waist ties-

front of the big bow pictured above, see you can't see anything-

I also have this poodle tote for sale too $15 shipped in the US...


Tags: !ds, angelic pretty

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