all_dolld_up (all_dolld_up) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Classic and gothic shoes and boots (and a $4 offbrand skirt)

TAll Doll'd Up Sales!             
  First to leave paypal gets item      
  Prices are not negotiable and no trades. 
  I can hold items for you but you must make a deposit of 25% of the price.
If you are going to back out later, do not ask me to hold an item. 
 If you buy something you must pay within 48 hours or the item goes to next-in-line.    
  Any questions, feel free to ask!   
 Demonia Boots Size 8 . 3.5 inch heel, 17 inches tall $32
Classic/Gothic Shoes- size 8. 3 inch heel $25
 offbrand skirt $4 plus shipping!! Need this gone! The waist is about 29 inches. It is longer , good for EGA or taller lolis. The print is not of anything, its just squiggly lines really.

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