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!DS: 1 English Gothic & Lolita Bible

Trying to make some extra money by selling all my lolita stuff!



+ I only use Paypal. You pay the price of the item and shipping. I'll cover Paypal fees~
+ Shipping price includes insurance and delivery confirmation.
+ Only shipping within the US. Sorry. ;w;
+ First person who gives an invoice email gets the item!
+ I send the item the day after I get a payment confirmation, or same day (depending on time of day).
+ PLEASE tell me as soon as you receieve your item!


Proof of Ownership
English G&L Bibles
Autumn on Left, Winter on Right

ALSO I know there is a lot of scamming going on lately. If you are worried (seeing as I have never sold anything and have no available feedback) I can give you my cellphone number to confirm my identity or I can include a weird object in a photo of the item you are buying (like... I dunno, a sandwich).


English Gothic & Lolita Bibles
+ Autumn 2008 and Winter 2009
+ Autumn has a small bend in the front cover that has been smoothed out; not easy to see but can be felt with your hand (cover was curved to show detail because my camera couldn't see it otherwise, it's not that bad).
+ Winter has a small dent on the top that pushes in to the pages (not sure why the picture turned green).
+ Both have small dents on the cover, usual wear-and-tear of sitting on a bookshelf or in a store.
+ Nothing been ripped or torn out, including the patterns in the back. Like new!

Autumn: $20 + $5 shipping

Winter: $20 + $5 shipping

Buy them together to save on shipping!

I have a jsk and offbrand socks for sale here, so please take a look!
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