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I have 4 positive feedback on the loligoth DBS under Technoraveparty.
All payment is done via paypal and buyer pays paypal fees
All prices are in USD and include shipping in the USA
Prices are negotiable, make an offer if you want, the worst i can say is no.
First post first serve basis.
Any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to ask me!

First up for sale is a Bodyline Wa-loli Yukata Set:

Proof photos:

Bodyline's measurements:
Length 46cm
Shoulder length 50cm
Bust - 90cm
Sleeve length 53cm
Length 38cm
waist 58-78cm (contain elastic)

What i find from my own measurements is that the skirt BEST fits a 24-34 in since it is fully elasticized. waist which is a little bigger than BL's measurements. Along with that the bust measurement i feel could fit a bit larger than 90cm/35in due to the yukata style and the way it ties. I'd say it could probably fit up to 38in or so. The other measurements seem pretty accurate.

This set comes with the Yukata top part, the obi belt, and the skirt. It's of pretty high quality. The fabric is nice. I have only worn this twice for short periods of time and it shows no signs of wear and is completely in new condition!

I won't split the set

Price: 60USD shipped in the US

Next is a Butterfly Bodyline Skirt that matches the yukata set very well and looks great when used as the skirt for the wa-loli set

proof photo:

Bodyline's measurements:

Length approximately 42cm
waist 56 - approximately 90cm (contain elastic)

I actually measure the length at 17.5 inches which is an inch longer than BL's measurements. I also think this will fit up to a 38 inch waist comfortably because it's fully shirred.

This skirt has the same print as the wa-loli set and it's of the same high quality fabric. It comes with a cute detachable bow with pearl strap. It's only been worn once for an hour or two and is in new condition. Now flaws and no signs of wear.

Price: 30USD shipped in the US
Lastly for sale i have the Bodyline Fruits parlor Replica skirt in Pink x Pink in the smaller size:


proof photos:

Sorry i don't have Bodyline's but i feel that i took the most accurate measurements that i could.

Waist: best fit 23-28in
Length: 22in

Only worn once and is in new condition. No signs of wear. It comes with a detachable bow pin. The fabric and lace is of very high quality and it has a built in petticoat.

Price: 50USD shipped in the US

my other items for sale: http://community.livejournal.com/egl_comm_sales/8292808.html
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