toujourspret (toujourspret) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

F+F again?

There are some darling new dresses up on Fanplusfriend, and I was wondering if anyone wanted to go in on a group order to share shipping. I'm definitely picking up this one in either red or mint, and I'm eyeing this one, too, maybe in cream or dark brown (without the bronze-colored mismatching lace), and I just don't like the idea of paying so much shipping, especially if anyone local wants to order, too. I know it's the holiday season and money is a bit tight, but let me know if you're interested. I'd like to order by the 1st, so get back to me by then, if you could.

This group order is U.S. only, of course, and I'd really prefer it be limited to those in/near Chicago (or those who'll be in town, etc.), if only for ease of delivery.

Crossposted to chigothloli .

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