madohatteru (madohatteru) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS : Off-brand blouse with removables sleeves

It's my first sale. The only feed backs that I have is as buyer on ebay as madhatterdoll.

Image Hosted by CLONE

Image Hosted by CLONE
Back without sleeves

Image Hosted by CLONE
Color detail

I sell this off-brand antique white blouse because it's too big on me. Only worn for trying it less than 5 minutes.
This blouse has shirring in front and in back, so it's very stretchable.

Measurements are way more 32" bust and 26" waist but I don't know its exactly its measurements. If someone want to learn me how take it, I will take it.

I paid this blouse USD $55 plus shipping.
I sell it USD $45, shipping not include.

Thanks for you interest !

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