Sarah (milkteaprincess) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Looking for BTSSB skirts and more...

Hello, I am new here, just looking for clothes. To ease you a little bit about my authenticity as a buyer, I have Ebay Feedback here:

as a buyer and a seller! So anyway...

♪♪I am looking for any pink or white BTSSB skirts. I prefer Floral prints or candy/ sweets. Please show me an image of the skirt (the particular one you own, not a stock) and tell me the price you want. It can be used ,but Please don't show me anything stained or damaged.

♪♪I am also looking for a Hat box purse like here:

but.. I have seen larger ones like this, and I was wondering if anyone has one?
♪♪ Edit: I am also looking for this purse from BABY in white with a gold crown.. Please does anyone have it, it is sold out on the site?

♪♪ This angelic pretty SCHOOL bag in pink or blue even.. I am willing to pay FULL price for this, so please if you have it tell me !!

♪♪ I am also looking for any white or pink headdress like bonnets, or alice bows and beret.

♪♪ I am looking for White or Pink Cutsews, particularly long sleeve ones.

♪♪ I am also on a frantic search for these BTSSB frilly pink bloomers, If I have to order them though, I will, just thought I'd check here first..

So please show me what you have ^___^. Thank you.


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