her lord majesty, the elevendy twelfth president! (deardieary) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
her lord majesty, the elevendy twelfth president!

!EA Sweet Lolita Floral Bustle Jumper Skirt Dress

I have an auction up on ebay for a floral sweet lolita jumperskirt dress made with fabric that
is an off white with flowers and leaves printed on it. The bodice
has a green ribbon trim along the underbust with a bow and the
center. The back features an oversized bow at the center of the
waist and an adjustable drawstring bustle. The bottom of the
dress is embellished with a row a double row of ruffles. Zipper
closure on the left side. Along with the dress you get a white
underskirt that has two rows of three pintucks followed by a
ruffle. The fabric used is a poly cotton blend.
Pictures were taken without a petticoat.

Size: Large
38 inches
Waist: 34 inches
42 inches

Auction can be found here or by clicking any of the pictures.
Thanks for looking!

Tags: !ea, handmade

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