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DS: Anna House, Il Sangue, Baby

Please note:
Prices are in US Dollars.
Payment can be made by Paypal ONLY and the buyer will be responsible for fees.
If more than one person is interested in the same item it will go to whoever can pay first.
I do ship worldwide but please be prepared to pay the shipping as it is not included in the price unless stated.
If you don't like the price of something, please make an offer!
I have positive feedback at the loli goth database under this lj name as well as on ebay under kizzia25.

Anna House Blouse - $20 shipped in Canada and the US (please ask about other places)

Size XL
Bust: 38"-40"
Waist: 32"-34"


Asking what I paid for on this. The inside seams of the short sleeves are ripped. Nothing else wrong with it. It would be a very easy fix. I bought it thinking that I would fix it but it just doesn't look good on me so I haven't done it.

Il Sangue Side bow - $12 + shipping


I commissioned this a while ago and have only worn it a few times. It is very well made and in perfect condition.

Previous sale: BTSSB L size JSK Please take a look!
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