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DS: Btssb/Aatp skirt and socks, IW skirt

Innocent world Juno skirt/black:

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Price: 90 EUR
Condition: bought new in June or July, tried on once
Measurements: length 50cm, waist 58-76cm (size M)
Shipping: 3.90 within Germany, 8.60 within EU

Aatp striped glitter overknee socks/navy: SOLD

Bigger Picture

Price: 15 EUR
Condition: bought new in July, I put my hand in one of them to see if it was comfortable, but apart from that it's still unworn
Size: 22-24cm
Shipping: 1.50 within Germany, 3 within EU, 6 worldwide

Aatp "Stained Glass" skirt/beige:

Details here

Thanks for looking!
Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, baby the stars shine bright, innocent world

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