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This was one of my first lolita dresses, but although I'm fond of it I don't wear it enough to warrant keeping it. I made it before I started hearts_princess, so while the quality is not quite as professional as my newer commissions, it's still very well-made.
Pink and white striped seersucker one-piece dress, featuring a fully-lined bodice, square lace-trimmed neckline, a full skirt gathered at the waist and detachable bell sleeves. All seams are turned into the bodice lining or ribbon-bound to prevent ravelling. Fastens with front snap closures. Trimmed with white eyelet lace, eyelet beading and pink satin ribbon. The set includes a matching beading lace ribbon-tie collar and headdress. The sleeves are also detachable on snap closures and if desired, I will sew pink heart buttons down the front as an extra trim (I meant to do this originally but never had time/got around to it.) The skirt is very full and heavy and has lovely deep ruffles. More pictures of the dress can be seen here. Worn twice, for a couple of hours each time. I will carefully hand-wash and dry it before it is shipped.
Made to fit a 36" bust, 28" waist. It will probably fit another inch or so but not much more as the bodice is tailored and doesn't have much stretch.

$120 plus shipping. Price is negotiable, I ship worldwide but shipping to Europe or US will be more expensive as I live in New Zealand and the dress is heavy due to the fullness of the skirt. I accept Paypal (credit or non-credit, but credit customers will be responsible for the associated fees.) If you purchase for the stated price, I will include an Alice bow made new to match (the set currently has a classic oval headdress included.)

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