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DS/DT: Lots of bodyline, commissions, and super warm cloak for winter! :D

Alright, this is my policy on sellin'.

♪ I accept paypal only. :3
♪ I'd prefer US sellers, but if international sellers don't mind adding on for shipping, that's totally fine with me!
♪ All of my initial prices include shipping. If we negotiate a cheaper price, I may ask for a bit more for shipping.
♪ I use priority mail for shipping,
♪ If you want to insurance, it's $2.00 international or domestic!
♪ I have feedback on the LoliGoth Database.
♪ All prices are negotiable, please make an offer if you'd like.
♪ If you need any more pictures or want more measurements, please ask.

♪ I do have pets in my home, but I will wash and lint roll all of the clothes for you if you buy them! Please beware if you have any allergies.

EDIT: All of my items are measured FLAT! So double the measurements of bust and waist! Length and shoulders will be the same regardless. 


Bodyline Swallowtail Jacket - $35 OBO

Also missing a couple buttons, priced accordingly. It's really cute and it was my first "lolita" piece ever ;_; I'm really really sad to part with it.
Length - 50cm
Sleeve Length - 50cm
Shoulder Length - 38cm
Bust - 40cm

Off-brand Country Lolita skirt - $35 OBO

Super cute, and really soft. *_* It has side ties to tighten it.
Length - 50.5cm
Waist - 39cm

Off-Brand Sailor Inspired JSK - $45 OBO
 (Plus size friendly!)

Worn by my super cute friend Christina (she has a little white belt on, and no petticoat)

A really cute navy dress, with stripe details. The entire waist is shirred so it's really versatile. TONS of room in the bust. It's fully lined as well. <3
Bust - 36cm
Length - 93cm
Waist - 33cm

Commissioned Pink JSK $100 OBO

THE FULLNESS! :O (and the back)
This is a really great quality, hand-made dress. To be honest, I was surprised at the quality. The lace is really soft and nice, all of it is cotton except for some rose trim. There are so many ruffles. This skirt is REALLY FULL! So make sure you have a powerful petti~ <3
Bust - 46cm
Shoulder - 38cm
Waist - 40cm
Length - 95cm

Commissioned Sweet Usamimi Cloak $100 OBO

Back Trim Detail - The Hood (ears)
A reallllllllly charming cloak I had commissioned, but it's soo sweet I can barely stand it! It's adorable inside and out. It's lined with a silk brocade, the outside is pink wool, and has an adorable white trim (especially on the ears and backside!) The hood is fully equip with usamimi (rabbit ears) to maintain optimal adorability. There are slits in the front so you can reach your arms out without getting cold, and it clips at the neck to stay closed. It is REALLY, REALLY warm! Seriously. I wore this out last fall, you will not get cold in it.
Shoulders - 45cm
Length - 93cm

Black Bodyline Princess Skirt (I think that's what it was called...?) - $35 OBO SOLD!

A really cute skirt with built-in tulle, so you really don't need a petti for casual style! I got this off Bodyline when this skirt first released, and I gotta say, Bodyline sure has improved since their earlier days! This skirt is really nice, super soft, and comfy too. Plus it's warm. ~_~ Perfect for winter!
Length - 51cm
Waist - 31cm-37cm

White Bodyline Music Print Dress  SOLD

I terribly love this print, but I don't think white suits me. I'm trying to move away from sweet and lighter styles to more gothic styles, so I really want to get this in black. If you don't have it in black, I doubt I'll be interested, but if you really want this dress make an offer.

Thanks for looking!
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