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Selling two wigs and a queen of hearts dress

I actually made a selling post for this before but none of the commenters that called dibs ever got back to me! I do realize that is the costume equivillant of lolita and I do not claim otherwise. Either way I don't wear this dress anymore but it deserves a good home instead of just sitting in my closet!

This outfit includes the dress and the waist sash with a premade bow in the back.
The wig is also for sale and the purchaser of the costume has first dibs on buying it.
The hairbow is not for sale or included.

The measurements on the dress are as follows:
Waist: 27-28
Bust: 34-35 or 36 (it's a bit large on me but I never adjusted it)
Hips: Free.

I am 5"4' and it is very long on me if that helps anyone's questions as well. If the buyer was shorter than this I would happily hem it to accomodate.

This dress has only been worn three short times for the photos posted here, a tea party at a convention for about thirty minutes and to a birthday party for about twenty minutes. It needs more love than I can give it!
Hopefully it can be of good use to someone.

This picture is only one I have that displays the beading I did at the top. There is beading around all of the bright pink shapes above the waist bow. It is isn't terribly noticable in pictures but I wanted to make sure this felt royal so I tried to go that extra mile.

The waist sash in this picture was only a stand in. A an actual high quality one has been made since. Once I have the waist measurement of the buyer I will adjust it to fit as such. The faux bow in the back clips over it. Sadly I have no have pictures of it right now.

I would also like to add something about the fabric. It is very lightweight but not at all sheer. The only reason I say this is that because of its lightness the fullness of the skirt all depends on the petticoat. Without one it sits flatter than a pancake but with one it lifts very effortlessly.

The price of the dress and waistbow total is $85 plus $5 shipping within the United States. I will ship internationally but would need to adjust the shipping rate to do so.
If the buyer of the dress would also like the wig the total would be $100 plus $5 shipping.
The wig by itself if the buyer of the dress passes is $25 plus $5 shipping.

If someone does choose to buy the dress and not the wig I am going to carry over the list of people in line for the wig from the last post! If you are on this list and would like to be removed or you would like to be next in line for this wig please tell me so as I have no idea if anyone on this list is still interested or not.

The other wig I have for sale is also unfortunately more of use for a costume themed sort of outfit. All I could think of when I purchased it was raver lolita but sadly I never got around to making a fun outfit for it. Unfortunately the only picture I have wearing it isn't in a lolita outfit either so I apologize for that.

This wig has been worn quite a few times but is still in great condition.
I would like $20 for this wig with $5 shipping.I accept paypal and concealed cash at the buyer's risk. If the purchaser can paypal me today than the item will be sent out today.

If you feel you have something you want to trade please make an offer! I'm a huge fan of most all lolita styles ^-^

Thanks for looking!

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