The Mistress of Hate and Pain (mach2kudou) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
The Mistress of Hate and Pain

DS: IW OP (good for larger sizes), socks, and blouses(good for plus sizes!)

All prices are with shipping in the US unless stated otherwise!

IW OP- $230
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SIZE: Fully shirred, would do a max bust/waist of 44". I have only tried it on to discover it was too small in the shoulders and chest.
Detachable collar, sleeves, and capelet that ties on with ribbon. The only thing I noticed about it was a slight stain on one sleeve; it came like that, and I have tried to clear it out with a tide pen. It's not very noticable when worn, however!

Meta BluexWhite socks- $25
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Another item merely tried on, my calves are rather large and they stretched uncomfortably over them :( Would be good for a maximum calf circumference of 16".

Commissioned taupe blouse- $50
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Size- 46" bust, 40" waist
arm circumference (non-shirred sleeves) 18"
a beautifully made blouse by someone from egl, but i never found anything to wear with it. some of the pleating has come a little undone (i have pictures), and it was never washed, so the blue tailor pen marks are still there in places. it's a darker color than the meta mocha bloomers, but would go lovely with brown skirts and jsks.

Fan+Friend AP replica blouse- $60
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Size- Bust 47", waist 40"
I had this made by F+F, it's based on an AP blouse. It comes with three detachable satin bows with finished edges, and has been worn once for a day. I like it, but it's just too much for me with all the lace and ribbons and whatnot.

I'm not very interested in trades(i'd prefer money for christmas shopping!). if I dont respond to you right away, I might be in class (from 2-5pm eastern). If you really need to know something right away, you can IM me on AIM at dboerre :) if i'm in class i still won't get it but i'll see it sooner than if it were a comment emailed to me. I DO HAVE A CAT. the only item she's been near has been the taupe blouse (you can see her glaring at it in the picture), but cat hair has a way of spreading itself without the cat actually being present, so please be cautious if you have allergies :)

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