Chise (x_chise_x) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: brand & non brand

F+F black blouse with detachable sleeves and ruffle on hem. Waist ribbon ties in back
Only tried on. Accidentally caught on something & damaged lace on sleeve. When the ribbon is tied its not as noticeable


a waist~cincher by Silhouette Corsets. This is a simple cotton kind for wearing under your clothes.
Pull in those pesky couple inches to fit into that BABY skirt!

30" fully laced
length down the front = 11.4"
length down the back = 9.8"
length down the side = 9"

Its only been worn twice (for about 2 hours) over a tanktop

price: $100 (+shipping)

original eBay linkie
Mine is almost like that, but with added front closure

my pictures, as modeled by the lovely pillow

and all the other clothes (Milky Ange set, Meta blouse and skirt, and cute shoes) are still up for grabs right here!

the small print: PayPal and Money Orders accepted. If you could pay right away - it'll be sent out Monday. Otherwise, all things will be mailed sometime next week (sorries, going away on trip)
Any lolita-chan in Boston is welcome to just meet with me and get the item in person

Thank you for looking

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