Ayu ★ Fuckcakes (ayumui) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Ayu ★ Fuckcakes

Sale/trade: PxW skirt - SOLD!

I've decided to let go of this skirt since I don't have alot of stuff to match.

It has a full elastic waistband, and is 27 inches at the smallest. I don't recommend that you stretch it too far, for the sake of comfort. It's 21 inches long including the waistband and lace.
I don't own a serger, so all the hems are rolled. The fabric itself is also pretty thin, so I lined it in white. The lace is white cotton cluny. I wouldn't call myself an expert seamstress, so I'm letting it go for cheap.

I have some of this fabric left over. The buyer will have a choice of free bow ties or an Alice bow.

I prefer dealing within the US and PayPal. I am also willing to trade for accessories, Keras, and GLBs.
Price: $25 including shipping

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