Luisa the friendly ghost. (nevinai) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Luisa the friendly ghost.

Quick one day Direct Auction: Meta Black Crown Embroidery JSK, white japan offbrand shoes.

Hi. I'm selling my Meta jsk in order to get an even more awesome jsk from another seller here on egl. I'm hoping to at least get what I paid for it, 140$ plus shipping. I am a 34in bust and 28in waist, and it fits perfectly. It has shirring and corseting in the back and could go a few inches larger or smaller.

Proof I own the dress:

I also have these refuse-to-be-usual shoes in us size 8. They are in good condition with a few minor scrapes. I overpaid for them at 80$, I would like to get at least 40$ plus shipping but will consider any reasonable offers. I'd also be open to a trade for any other japan/china offbrand shoes in black, size 7 or 7.5. Especially rocking horse shoe replicas.

I will be taking offers until midnight tonight, eastern standard time. Buyers must be able to pay by tomorrow afternoon. Paypal only, please.

Thanks for looking :)

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