cheri_claire (cheri_claire) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Meta chandelier series, Velveteen dresses


I will attend J-Pop Collections in Paris at December 8th and I'd like to wear an outfit based on Metamorphose.  The problem is, that I don't have enough Meta for a whole Outfit, just different pieces.  So I'd like to buy things to complete my outfit. ^-^ 
I have the black- silver chandelier cutsew, so the matching skirt would be great. But I like other pieces from the chandelier series too, black x gold and pink x red.
 I also love their velveteen series and would like to buy a dress with a lot of backshirring.  I want one anyway, so this would be great too ;-P
(If you have any other velveteen or velvet dresses that would fit a larger size, I would like to have a look at them too ^-^)

But you have to ship them to Germany and if possible, they should arrive here until beginning of december, otherwise I can't wear them to J-Pop Collections. The skirts must be altered to fit my damn waistsize :-(   That needs some time.

I will pay by Non CC-PayPal, as soon as the transfered money arrives there, or Bank Transfer, if you like.

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