V.S. (banshee123) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS White BTSSB Shoes, AP Tote

Red crown print AP tote.

These BTSSB shoes.
They are brand spanking new since they're so big that I can't even walk around my apartment in them or I'll probably die.
Tags are still attached.

They are white, size L.
They should fit around size 9 I believe. They are BIGGER than Baby's other shoes (normally they fit 23.5-24 cm, but these ones are listed as 24.5-25 cm).
The bows are detachable (and look sooo much cuter in the front, like angelic pretty's ballerina shoes)
I would like to get back basically what I bought them for because the tags are still attached/haven't been on my feet for more than 1 minute, so ~$165 shipped within the U.S. with insurance and tracking.
(I just got a pair of M in the mail to replace these :D)


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