Shojo Kakumei Erin (mind0vermatter) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Shojo Kakumei Erin

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possible trade: meta crown label jsk

I have this dress:
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and while it's really gorgeous it's just a liiiiittle too small for me. :( So, I wanted to see what people had to offer in trade.. I'm interested in brand that FITS me. XD I'm bust 39 waist 31, so please keep that in mind. I'd prefer stuff in black, red, or earthy type (brown, green, off-white) tones but if you think it'd fit me feel free to post whatever. I'm particularly looking for something that's unique-ish.. like prints or something :] also I paid about $130 for this JSK and I can add on a little if necessary. :] Any questions?

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