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1. No holds unless there isn't any other interest in the item. I can hold an item for up to two days.
2. I accept paypal only, I prefer direct transfer. Credit card will incur a small fee.
3. Items will be shipped during the week as the post office is not open on the weekend.
4. Shipping is included in the price.

1. Emily Temple Cute JSK - $90

On me without a petti or cardigan
I bought this from closet child in great shape and I've worn it once. There is a little bit of wear on the straps and corset lacing as there is velvet there. Besides that this is in great condition. The straps are also removeable (with buttons) so you can wear it strapless (which looks a lot cuter with a blouse).

2. Peace Now Shirt - $30

Closet Child Pic
I got this brand new and wore it twice. I have washed it and it did not become worn at all (no fading, no pilling that I can see).

3. Pink Skull Socks - $10

A pair of knee-high pink socks with black skulls at the heel with little bows on their heads (which can be taken off if you wanted). Unworn.

4. Qutie Frash Top - $40 *SOLD*

5. Guess Hoodie - $50

A white hoodie from Guess trimmed with lace. This is well made and comfortable, it also has a very flattering shape to it. It is very soft and comfortable, the fabric reminds me of the stuff that baby uses for it's hoodies. I have worn it before and washed it, but there is no wear or pilling, it could use an ironing as well.

6. Black Peace Now Salopette-like JSK - $120 *SOLD*

7. Atelier Boz OP - $80

A long Atelier Boz OP. Has a very fitted shape and a high collar. I have no worn this so it is in very good condition. The sleeves have corset lacing all the way up the sides and the back has ribbon ties. Sorry for the strange photo, it was taken sideways.


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