alarum (luxurias_slave) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Demonia BlackxWhite Shoes US size 9, Pink Bag, offbrand Reduced Price! Also DS: Black Bear Bag

Super cute large chunky Black and White shoes by Demonia. Need to sell these, have worn them only one afternoon. They have a small scuff on the heel but otherwise fantastic condition. They're high but extremely comfortable. I just never wear them as they dont' match my outfits so they need to go.

$60 $47 $37 USD shipped within north america. US size 9. They are a bit large though as I measured the inside and it was 26cm measurement, so would also fit a bit bigger than US 9 as well.

Ownership photos:

Scuff on heel:

Also have a pink leather bag, purse/shoulder bag to sell, very loliable find.  New without tags. Measures 29cm width, 20cm length.

$15 $12 $9 shipped within north america

Also for sale very cute offbrand Black Bear Bag/rucksack.  New without tags. Measures 48cm length, 29cm width.
$20 Shipped within North America.


Tags: !ds, offbrand

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