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Handmade, off brand, GLP

Below will list small clauses to be followed for those who want to buy my products for sale.
- I only accept paypal charges
- I like to sell my merchandise to people who are part of the European Union, but that does not mean I do not sell to the rest of the world.
- For postage usually jsk or shoes for the best that I call and 20 euro for small items of course the cost goes down
- Whatever you need just write, and I will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.
PS: I apologize in advance with all of you, for my bad English


Felpa Tea Party
Me and black version, below is the proof of the head in my posses
measures: free

Skirt pink off brand
Description: Pink skirt press grounds a couple of time ago and as new as it made up to 3 times
has some really splendid decoration:
tinged with pink and light pink top and goes down and as the gradation changes (just)
Size: L
Price: 20 euro
Photos worn with a breast BL:

Black jacket off brand
Description: claws-sleeved black shirt cuffs are detachable near you
Size: L as even more
Price: 25 euro

GLP socks black white
each pair of socks costs 8 euro

Black shoes
and 39 correspond to a 24.5
25 euro

Bag crown
45 euro

Jsk image plus
80 euro

Tags: !ds, offbrand

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