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DS: Cheap offbrand~ also bodyline~ Nothing over 25$ !!

I'm cleaning out my drawers and ran across a few things I need to get rid of~

Forever 21 OP
This says its a size L but its VERY small. It fits more like a S/M from Forever 21 nowadays fits.
Its from that collection they had like 2 years ago that was very close to gothic lolita (just shorterXD) 


Lace and yoke detail
Asking 25$ Shipped in the USA 

Pink and white Rose border print dress

I bought this to accept an award and then realized its a bit too sweet and pink for me XD It can be loliable if you work it right ! XD I adore the print its just .... Pink >,< 
The size is medium and it fits like a medium should fit! (US size)

close up of print ~ 
Theres a row of pink tulle at the bottom that gives it a tad of puff and there is plenty of room for a peti!
There are a couple of spots on the lining of the dress, I'm not sure what they are .. maybe an iron mark .. 
asking 25 shipped in the US 

Black and white "old school" head dress
There is a tiny spot of like pinky fake blood on it >,< but its still cute and well made ^^
Asking 6$ Shipped

Also I'm still selling this altered bodyline skirt~ 
It should fit a 40 inch waist comfortably, also it was supposed to be altered so it was longer on me but the person sewing it for me made it too big, so if your looking for a bit longer than bodyline typically offers you could technically wear it on your hips rather than your waist o.o (thats what I was going for but it didnt work out >> ) 

Asking 25$ Shipped in the US

detail of the print

Thank you for looking :3 I am open to offers and talk to me if our international and would like to purchase! 
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