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WTB: white or cream coloured blouse (longsleeved)


I am looking for a white or cream coloured blouse with long sleeves.
It can be from baby, IW or Annahouse (or offbrand) i dont care as long it is pretty :)

The collar can be a round collar or a stand-up collar.

My measurements are:
Bust: 93cm / 36,6 inch
Waist: 76cm / 30 inch
I need a sleeve lenght of 60-66cm (i hope there are long sleeved blouses for me ;O;)

Please show me a picture of the blouse and tell me how much you want for it ^^
I am from Germany and i can pay with paypal.
(and i have some feedbacks on loligoth dbs)

Thanks a lot for looking!

Tags: !wtb, anna house, baby the stars shine bright, innocent world, offbrand

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