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DS/ DT Innocent World socks, Offbrand jewelry

All prices are marked USD and include shipping to USA and Canada. International please inquire, unless price is marked.
I combine shipping.
If you would like to purchase insurance it will be $2 extra unless stated as included, but i always make sure to package items well!
Smoke free household.
I have positive feedback here.

I am open to haggling. Please make offers.

My favorite styles are gothic, punk, and bittersweet.
Tote bags! Any brand/ color.
Black or burgundy skirts. Especially Alice prints!
Black or lavender Btssb Halloween Trick or Treat socks, bow, bag, etc.
Black or lavender blouse.
Lavender black or burgundy shoes size small. USA 5
Pretty much anything unless it isnt black burgundy white or lavender.

Offbrand Vampire necklace
Great for Vampire Requiem!
Coffin with a Nosferatu figurine sunk in red resin.
One dark silver one bright silver.
the coffin is a little over 1 1/2 inches tall.                        

30 shipped to USA. 35 shipped everywhere else. except France. 40 shipped to France.

Female vampire or entombed angel necklace.
Also great for Vampire Requiem!
greyish resin

30 shipped to usa. 35 shipped everywhere except France. 40 shipped to France.

Innocent World socks. New and Unworn. 35 shipped to USA. 40 shipped worldwide.

Please check out my last sales post!

Tags: !ds, !dt, innocent world, offbrand

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