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DS: Huge closet cleaning!
Some important things:
- I use paypal
- I ship worldwide (from the Netherlands)
- I don't do holds
- Paypalfees + shippingcosts are for the buyer

Inside Europe
0-500 g. EUR 6,16 (Priority) EUR 5,92 (Standard)
500-2000 g. EUR 11,55 (Priority) EUR 9,62 (Standard)

Outside Europe
0-500 g. EUR 10,45 (Priority) EUR 7,40 (Standard)
500-2000 g. EUR 19,95 (Priority) EUR 17,76 (Standard)

Happy shopping!

Metamorphose Pink Princess Skirt with red gilttery ribbons
Price: 100 euro
Bust: 90 cm
Waist: 72 cm

I wasn't wearing a petticoat underneath, so it wasn't very poofy that day!

Metamorphose Pink Room Print Skirt
Price: 100 euro
Waist: 72 cm

Sorry for the crappy picture....

Angelic Pretty Cosmetics OP
Price: FROM 170 TO 160 EURO!!!!
Bust: 86 cm
Waist: 72 cm

Metamorphose Black/White Sailor Hat

Price:  FROM 15 TO 10 EURO!!

Me wearing the hat

Surface Spell White Bolero

Chest: 90 cm
Price: FROM 55 TO 45 EURO!!!

Stock Picture

My own picture

4: White BTSSB Princess OP
Chest: 84 - 90 cm
Waist: 65 - 76 cm
Price: FROM 200 TO 170 EURO!!!

Stock Picture

My own picture

5: FanplusFriend Navy Blue Pirate Lolita Coat
Chest: 95 cm
Waist: 80 cm
Price: FROM 95 TO 80 EURO!!!

Stock Picture

Me wearing the coat

My own pictures

7: Off brand bunny ear hat with a small pink ribbon
Price: 10 euro

My own picture

8: FanplusFriend Black and white coat with bear eared cape
Chest: 95 cm
Waist: 80 cm
Price: FROM 90 TO 80 EURO!!

My own pictures

SOCK SALE!!! (all the socks are clean, some of them are washed)

1: Angelic Pretty Black socks with pink poodles (never worn (not washed), only tried them on, not my style)
Price: FROM 20 TO 18 EURO!!

2: Offbrand decora pink/blue/yellow/purple rainbow pony socks (washed one time)
Price: FROM 10 TO 5 EURO!

3: H&M Pink socks with white hearts (washed one time)
Price: FROM 7 TO 4 EURO!!

4: Metamorphose Black/White Musical Socks (never worn, not washed)
Price: FROM 20 TO 15 EURO!!

You can email me for questions (Rosa_duchamp [at] hotmail [dot] com) or you can leave a message here. I am always prepared to help you :]


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