goldensnitch01 (goldensnitch01) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

URGENT !WTB: Black SS Tea Party Shoes and a black blouse for a plus size

Hello all! I'm looking for a pair of Black SS Tea Party shoes in size LL. New or used is fine but I'm looking to get them for under $60 shipped to the USA. I would like to get them before a Halloween party on the 23rd but if that's not possible then I'd really like them before the 31st as I would like to wear my Halloween loli outfit on that day.

I'm also looking to buy a black short sleeve blouse that will fit a 49" bust and a 48" waist (a have a belly >_<) with poofy sleeves and a peter pan collar. I'd also like to have this before the 23rd but again, if not possible then before the 31st. Thanks in advance for any help!!
Tags: !wtb, secret shop

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