Dreaming Macaron (dreamingmacaron) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Dreaming Macaron

DS: HMHM Kodona pants

  • Prices are in USD

  • Priority goes to whoever can pay first.

  • I will only accept payment through PayPal…

  • …unless you're physically close by and can come pick it up. Then, I will accept cash as well. You won't have to pay shipping, of course.

  • My feedback can be viewed here.

  • Sorry for the crappy image quality; the only camera I have is my cellphone. ^^;;

HMHM "Dark Princess" Kodona Short Pants (Black): $35 + $10 shipping (US)/$20 shipping (international)
I will also accept trade offers.

  • Stock photos available here.

  • This is a size L. Measurements are as follows: length: 50 cm (~16.5 in), waist: 74 cm (~29 in) hip: 98 cm (~38.5 in), suitable for someone 170 cm (~5'6") or taller.

Tags: !ds, !dt, indie brand, offbrand

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