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DT: AP Melty Chocolate short-sleeve JSK in pinkxblack

So I got my Melty Chocolate OP in blackxpink and wore it once to a friend's birthday party... and since then I haven't been able to bring myself to wear it for some unknown reason D:
The detail on it is GORGEOUS! The back is entirely shirred so it will fit a variety of sizes. It also have waist ties with the chocolate print on the bottom. It's absolutely adorable. It reminds me a bit of Fruits Parlor, actually haha.

My picture: http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y208/Chied/media1-9.jpg

It's been worn once, still in perfect condition. I still have the tags and fabric swatch! However, I stayed overnight in a smoking household (I put it on a hanger in her closet, however) so it smells a bit smokey. If this is a problem I can wash it, or spray it with a bit of Febreez and let it air out outside. Please note I have a dog who sheds like CRAZY. I don't let him near my lolita, but his hair ends up getting everywhere no matter what, so please take this into account if you're allergic.

For trades-
Other AP prints in particular:
Rose Toilette, preferably with matching half-bonnet or socks
Ichigo mille feuualalala whatever it's called (OTL) in pink or black + money
Mermaid Symphony in pink or black
Twinkle mermaid in pink or black
Milky-chan applique JSK
Milky-chan deer-eared headband + money
Milky-chan plastic jewelry + money
Lace-hemmed brand petticoat + money
Macaron JSK or OP in black with matching headbow or socks, or just the OP/JSK + a bit of money
Etc etc etc

Just feel free to offer! As you may have noticed, partial trades are welcome!

I ship from Canada and only take Paypal. I have feedback on the loligoth DBS under this username, as well as feedback on eBay under Purple_Miyavi.
Thanks very much for looking!

Tags: !dt, angelic pretty

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