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DS: AP headbands, Witch Hat, BTSSB goodies!

Oh god, I promised myself that I was done with buying lolita for now...
...then Angelic Pretty released new plastic goodies. D:

Paypal only please. E-cheques are fine, but I don't ship until they clear.
Holds are fine, but I only do holds if I receive a 20% NON REFUNDABLE deposit for the item.
All items will be shipped from Canada. Shipping IS included to Canada and the U.S.A! Please inquire if you live elsewhere!

First up!
Angelic Pretty!

Lyrical Bunny - $50
Hello Kitty - $55 SOLD!
Both are new. Never worn. And FREAKIN adorable! The HK bow glitters! :D I got these directly from Japan.

AP Earmuffs - $45 Sold!
New, never worn. I bought them thinking I'd get a black coat to match...then I got a cream coat. ^^;

AP Witch Hat - $45
Brand new, never worn. No tags however, Mai took them off. o__o;
Was going to use for Halloween, then I decided to be Arwen instead. D:


BTSSB Mini Mini Bunnybear (1st gen) - $65
I bought this one for my sister when I got my minimini bag. She never used it, so she would like to sell hers. I bought both our bags when they were first in reserve.

BTSSB Poodle case - $25
New, never used. It sat on my sister's desk...that's it. She never used it. o__o; She's asking me to sell it so someone else can use it.

BTSSB Tiara - $30
Bought to wear for my sister's wedding, then she changed the theme. D: Bought from Mbok. Worn once to try it on, then promptly put back in the box.

Any questions, please let us know!
I do have an older post here: community.livejournal.com/egl_comm_sales/7679835.html
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