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DS: Leaving Lolita Sale: Angelic Pretty and BTSSB

Please give these lovely items good home.

Prices include shipping

- High priced Items are shipped Priority Mail (US Only) otherwise shipped first class.
- Items are shipped First Class International (Additional $10 for International Priority) 
- Insurance and Delivery confirmation are Optional (price total at invoice) 
- I am NOT responsible for your item after it has been sent
- I do have positive feedback on ebay (TokyoToasterPilot), loligothds (Hafazngirlie).
- I do have a Yorkie (so if you are allergic to dogs...sorry >_<)

(Pictures of item will be removed after being sold)

BTSSB Blue Parfait Skirt (Worn once) I love this skirt soooo much!!
$175 US & International

Angelic Pretty Sweet Cake Pocket JSK (Bought through Shopping Service New Without Tag) laces up in the back for tighter fit.
(Never worn, except to try it on)
$255 US $265 International

(Note: Dress does have some weight to it)


Angelic Pretty Chocola-chan JSK (black and cream white/Ivory) (worn once pictured below) it's wool and velveteen
$220 US $230 International

(Note: Dress does have some weight to it

Thank you for Looking

Comments will be deleted if not sold to, not trying to be rude just trying to keep track of who the items are sold to.
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