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DS/DT: Brand & Off-brand Tops, OPs, Footwear, Wig

~Terms & Conditions~

1. I accept payment via paypal & bank transfer (buyers in Singapore)
2. Delivery through meet-up (buyers in Singapore only) or postage (buyer bears postage fees)
3. If you don't like my price, feel free to propose yours, but be polite & reasonable and don't be upset if you get turned down.
4. All goods sold are non-refundable.
5. Don't be afraid to ask for more photos & info. I won't bite.
6. I will do trades for things that I like.
7. I have feedback here to prove that I'm a legitimate seller/buyer.
8. I ship overseas. All prices listed not inclusive of postage yet. Please tell me your shipping location when enquiring about postage fees.
If you are not a forum member, I'm contactable via email angieng.sales@gmail.com

Disclaimer: All photographs are taken by me, unless otherwise stated. You get what you see. However, due to lighting issues, the colour of the item may differ slightly from the original. I'll try to avoid this by editing the colour contrast of the photograph to make it closer to the original colour. Apart from this, I will not edit my photographs to enhance the appearance of my items.

01) Mary Magdalene Agatto Bolero (Rose) *Traded*

02) Victorian Maiden Beth Pintuck

Click thumbnails for larger images

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
First image with flash

Asking Price: 100 SGD / 70 USD subject to change due to currency fluctuation

Condition: Worn twice. No visible flaws.

Size / Measurements: Precise measurements to be given on request

03) Lolita Princess (Taobao) Rose Print One Piece with Detachable Long Sleeves *sold*

04) Infanta Red & White Classical OP*sold*

05) Dr. Martens Embroidery Vonda 14 Eye Boot (White)

Click thumbnails for larger images
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I walked around Oklahoma City in winter in these boots and even trekked up some mountains. I also went tracking around Tokyo in them. They're very hardy. Despite so much walking over rough terrain, the air-soles are in excellent condition, a little dirty, but no sign of wear and tear. Scuffles and creases are pretty much inevitable and I've cleaned them up as best as I can. I painted some white shoe paint over the scratches. Not sure what I can do about the black patches on the zipper and edges, but if you're wearing them for punk lolita or some grunge rock outfit, I suppose some signs of 'roughing it out' would give you a cool edge? XD They're comfortable and give me a great sense of security. Excellent foot wear for winter because they do keep my feet warm. But I'm parting with them now because mid-calf white boots just make my legs look fat.

Asking Price: 180 SGD / 125 USD subject to change due to currency fluctuation

Size / Measurements: EUR 37, US 6, UK 4

06) Bodyline Cross-strapped Mary Janes*sold*

07) Gabalnara (Korean) long curly wig with straight bangs *sold*
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