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DS: Angelic Pretty Onepiece

Okay, my first time trying to sell something here, let's hope I got everything right ;)

- Shipping from Germany
- International shipping will be done!
- I only have Feedback at Animexx, username Ninatan if you wanna check
- I'll take more pictures if you want them!
- not interested in trades, sorry

Angelic Pretty Onepiece 100€ + shipping

More pictures: from the back the AP logo the dress worn without a petticoat

About the measurements, dresses like this aren't sold at Angelic Pretty at the moment as this dress is from the year 2006, so I'll give you my own measurements. As you can see in the picture in which I wear the dress it's not very tight on me, so I guess you can give at least 5cm on all the measurements. As for the ones with a very slim waist: You can tighten the waist by binding the ribbon in the back more tightly, so no worries there :D
Bust: ~84
Waist: ~66

I own this dress ever since 2006, but I have worn it only about 5-6 times. Therefore it is in perfect condition, as you can see  on the pictures. I have never washed it, just given it to the dry cleaning once.
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty

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