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DS: Jesus Diamante mules, BTSSB alice & black cat jsk, AATP Miranda

#bank transfer for Singaporean buyers. Paypal for overseas buyer
# shipped using registered mail. prices do not include postage
# positive feedback here loligoth_db
# All prices in USD

1. Alice and black cat jsk- $170 (reduced due to stains)
I only wore this jsk once and was careless with my make-up, and i can't remove the stains...
the rest of the dress is still in great condition.

i tried to remove the stains so it's lightened slightly.

here's the amateur measurements i got:
length: 91 cm
bust: about 85-98 cm
waist: 70-80 cm

2. AaTP Miranda JSK- $150
blue and red stripes. removable straps

pic of it worn. it's got boning inside so it's rather flattering.

3. Jesus Diamante Rose Mules (size M) $85
I bought this off an auction brand new and only wore it once cos it's slightly too small for my feet. I'm a US size 6, so i think it's for a small size 6 or  a size 5.

Tags: alice and the pirates, baby the stars shine bright

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